Blue States: Statues (3.5/5)

By Anne-Marie Kirwan|June 7, 2016|Reviews|0 comments

It’s been nine years since Blue States last released music. I came across them whilst listening to a Hedkandi compilation. This was before Hedkandi had their Ministry of Soundesque makeover. The track Your Girl was a much-needed escape from my daily commute, and I still consider Nothing Changes Under The Sun to be a gem of a discovery.

Now they’re back with the EP Statues, a 4-track teaser for the full album due in Autumn.

With Statues, you instantly get the Blue States signature – cinematic soundscapes and haunting melodies. Add to this the vocals of Ty Bulmer, and the track sweeps you along.

Curvatures, my favourite track from the EP, along with Lightning Tale both take me back to Nothing Changes Under the Sun. Whilst Twitten has an end-of-film-credits feel.

The blurb released with the EP says ‘With the new songs Dragazis draws on all four of his previous albums to create something entirely different.’ I have to say that I disagree as the EP feels like a catch up with a familiar friend. In the case of Blue States, that is by no means a bad thing.

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